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Do You Know The Process Of Bird And Pigeon Proofing

March 28, 2023     Kushal

What is Bird or Pigeon proofing?

Bird or Pigeon proofing is a process to deter and prevent pest birds from nesting and roosting in our industrial, commercial and residential buildings. 


These flying animals mostly like urban areas as they get food sources and high buildings which are suitable for the process of nesting and roosting.


So to get rid of bird and pigeon problems, deter the access to these buildings where they nest, roost and perch is the best option to prevent them.


According to our need and requirement, we can use bird proofing methods like anti bird net for balcony, pigeon spikes, nylon bird netting, polycarbonate transparent bird net to prevent them from your property. To get the best bird proofing services we should hire professional bird and pigeon control service providers.

Why is bird proofing important ?

Reduce the risk of health

As we know that birds dropping is injurious for human beings. Due to filth and droppings of birds and pigeons many respiratory illnesses can be caused which directly affect our health. There are many health problems due to birds and pigeon infestation

which affect our daily life and routine in many ways.

Save the property from unnecessary damage

According to reports it is proved that birds and pigeons filth contains uric acid which creates many types of damages to property like it affects paintwork, brickwork, stonework, and metal work of buildings. 

Pigeon droppings and nesting materials can also create blocking of gutter, and create many problems like water overflow. This creates many problems for buildings which can be very costly to fix.

Types of Bird Proofing materials

Bird proofing materials like anti bird net, bird spikes, nylon bird net, polycarbonate transparent bird net can be used in commercial, residential and industrial premises. We can install bird spikes in the ledge, roof and such places where pigeons like to stay and rest. 

If we talk about bird proofing materials there are many different types of materials which help us to control Pigeons or Kabutar in our buildings. Bird or Pigeon proofing materials are like:-

Anti bird net

Anti bird netting is the process to stop the entry of these flying animals to our balcony, lawn and terrace without harming them. By installing this in our commercial or residential premises we deter the entry of birds, pigeons or kabutar, not the entry of sunlight and air. The most important thing is that it creates a hindrance for these flying animals, not for natural resources

Nylon bird net

It’s a type of material for anti bird netting which is made of nylon. Nylon bird netting is a pigeon exclusion device which is used as a deterrent to stop them in our commercial and residential buildings. It’s made up of high quality HDPE material which is durable and easy to install.

Polycarbonate Transparent pigeon net

This is made up of material which is known as polycarbonate. Polycarbonate transparent net is used in our balconies to protect our commercial or residential buildings from these unwanted guests. Polycarbonate transparent net is made up of high quality HDPE material which is UV protected and dust proof.

Bird spikes

Bird Spike is the device which is also known as pigeon control spike. It has long needles like rods which is uncomfortable to these flying creatures. These bird control deterrent spikes can be installed or attached to building ledges, roofs and the places where the pigeons mostly try to sit and stay. A professional knows very well how to use bird spikes for bird and pigeon control

to reduce the problem of these flying creatures.

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