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Balcony Bird Net Services

Balcony Bird Net Services

The installation of a stealth net on your balcony can and will truly keep birds out! Traditionally, these systems are drilled through concrete. However, this has come to be an issue because there are some buildings which simply won’t allow any sort of drilling activity pigeon net for balcony installation.

If you happen to find yourself in this situation, then Standard balcony net installation near me is more than happy to offer an alternative solution, bird nests can also block or clog gutters, drains or downspouts. This can lead to major damage to the roof. As birds often carry pathogens which can cause a range of infectious diseases and parasites here is given below installation procedure of anti-bird netting services for balcony in Delhi to remove birds from your home and stay happy.

Balcony Bird Netting Installation Process: -

Before you begin, research the best type of bird netting for your needs. Compare the types of netting, sizes, weights and equipment needed to install. Once you’ve found the right type, shop around to find the best priced deal.

Step 1. Install corner fixings at every corner or every 10m along a straight run.

Step 2. Fit intermediate fixings in a straight line between the corner fixings at 1 metre intervals for 75mm and 50mm nets, 0.5 metre intervals for 40mm and 28mm nets and 0.3 metre intervals for 19mm nets.

Step 3. Run 10m of wire rope through the fixings of one side.

Step 4. Loop one of the wire ends through the corner fixing and secure with either 2 copper ferrules or 2 wire rope grips.

Step 5. Hook an opened barrel strainer to the other corner fixing and thread the free end of the wire rope through the eye. Pull the wire rope tight Secure using 2 copper ferrules or 2 wire rope grips.

Step 6. Tension the wire by tightening the barrel strainer.

Step 7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for the other 3 sides of the area. Larger nets may require additional diagonal support wires.

Step 8. To attach the net to the rope, attach one corner of the net to the corner fixing using a netting corner tie. When you reach each corner ensure that a netting corner tie is installed around the mesh and the corner fixing.

Step 9. Hog ring every mesh square around the edge to the wire rope ensuring that the net is pulled tight and square.

Above given step is practical implemented for installation of window bird netting and other installation pest control services in Gurgaon will same for the balcony bird net installation and pigeon net for balcony in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida Faridabad but depend on criteria, sizes and length of net but steps will same for bird net installation.

Corner Fixings

Corner fixings should be installed every 10m around the perimeter of the net. These more substantial fixings allow the wire rope to be tensioned to support the weight of the net.


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Balcony Bird Net Services
Balcony Bird Net Services