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monkey spikes Polycarbonate Monkey Spike

Polycarbonate Monkey Spikes

Monkeys are an issue regularly looked by numerous private, business, farming and modern foundations. 

Monkeys can make significant harm property unwittingly and can without much of a stretch become a significant danger to the ordinariness of life.

Polycarbonate Monkey Spike Installation Services

We bring to you treated steel Monkey Control Spikes. 

The Anti Monkey Spikes are made to keep monkeys off structures and different places by terrifying them and dispensing with their landing and resting regions, with more options available for stoing birds for bird spike of the many ways

these monkey alarm spikes are viable with regards to ensuring that the threat is dealt with for the last time. 

Monkey Control Spikes can undoubtedly be mounted on the structure's edges and other open places that give monkeys the opportunity to navigate in and around the structure.


Key Features:

Proven effective over time, in all weather conditions (UV resistant)

Durability and resistance to wear and tear

Discreet – clean, almost invisible look

Flexible fixtures to give you the convenience you seek

Minimal risk to Monkeys, in terms of physical damage

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