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How Can We Use Bird Spikes For Bird And Pigeon Control

January 23, 2023     Kushal

Bird Spikes For Bird and Pigeon Control


Bird Spike is also known as Bird Control Spike, anti roosting spike, or roost modification device. It works just like a deterrent device that consists of long needle like rods used for birds and pigeon control in your residential, commercial or industrial space. Since birds produce a large number of unattractive and filthy feces and many birds have extremely loud voices that can be uncomfortable and irritating for residents. So we can say that these pigeon control spikes can be used as a deterrent to prevent these high flying creatures.


Why Installation of Bird Spike is Beneficial


Bird Spikes are completely humane

Bird or Pigeon spike is totally humane as it does not hurt these creatures in any ways and prevent them from being able to sit on the surface where the spike has installed. By installing the spikes birds can easily understand that the area is not suitable for perching, nesting, and roosting.


How can bird Spikes work? 

It's the best way of bird proofing to control the flying creatures. By installing the spike you can assure that you can get rid of defilement by birds and pigeons into your premises. The most important thing is that these are easy to install, durable and long-lasting.


Where can we install bird Spikes?

Bird or Pigeon Spike can be typically used on pipe, beam or building ledge or another surface where birds sit, nest or roost. The bird spikes are available in different sizes, these can be installed on narrow or wide ledges and protect drain and down pipes of our premises.


Where can you get bird spikes?

Vpestify Services is leading manufacturer and bird spike installation service provider. For better services and product requirements you may contact us for a professional and effective bird control solution.

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