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How To Get Safety From Birds And Pigeons At Low Price

May 22, 2023     Kushal

We all live in an environment where different types of creatures have been found. There are many organisms which we can find near us and many which we can’t feel or see throughout our life. If we talk about the sky there are different types of species like birds, pigeons, parrots, sparrows, kites, crows and many more. In these flying creatures most of the species have been seen and found in our daily life routines. 

If we talk about birds and pigeons these flying creatures have been seen in abundance in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Delhi-NCR. Residents of these metro cities face the problem produced by these livings. So to get rid of problems created by birds and pigeons it’s important to take proper steps which we can get by taking the services of professionals. A bird and pigeon netting service provider knows very well how to do work properly to give the best solution to our client.

Purpose of installation of Anti Bird Netting

Birds netting or Pigeon netting or Birds Mesh is the process of installation of Nylon or polycarbonate safety net to save our building, apartment, balcony, home, hotel, warehouse, hospital or any other place where these pigeons get the entry for roosting and nesting. It’s the process to deter the entry of them without harming them. 

Is bird or pigeon netting expensive?

If we talk about cost or price of anti bird net installation it depends on the requirement and need of an individual. Generally bird netting is installed at the price of per square foot area. The Price of bird netting and pigeon netting also varies on the quality and material of bird nets.

Types of bird netting materials

There are two main type of materials available for anti bird netting:- Nylon birds nets and Polycarbonate Transparent birds net

Nylon birds net

It’s a type of net which is made of nylon material. Nylon bird netting is used to cover the balcony of any building or apartment. An individual can get this bird net in white, blue and black color. Nylon nets for bird and pigeon control are completely UV stabilized and don’t get damaged by harmful ultraviolet rays. These nets are completely waterproof, corrosion resistant, lightweight and easy to install.

Polycarbonate Transparent Birds Net

This is another type of bird netting which is made of Polycarbonate. The visibility of the polycarbonate transparent bird net is low so it’s not affect the look of the balcony or any type of ventilation. These nets are woven and knitted with small mesh which gives a strong grip to them. 

Alternate option for Birds and Pigeon Netting

Bird Spikes

Most of us do not prefer birds or pigeon nets so what is an alternate option for anti bird nets, Pigeon nets? Or How to get rid of kabutar and pigeons in your balcony without using bird netting?

Bird Spikes are the best option for those who don’t want to install anti bird nets in commercial, residential and industrial premises. These are made with high quality polycarbonate material which are highly effective to control these unwanted guests into your areas.

Uses of Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes can be used or installed on ledges, roofs, doors, signs, light, window AC or any type of surface where they roost and nest.


Completely effective to birds pest control

Maintenance free

Durable and easy to install

Corrosion resistant

UV resistant 

Can be placed on any material where we want to keep birds away.


So anyone who wants to get rid of problems created by these high flying creatures, bird netting, anti bird net and bird spikes are the best sources to control birds and pigeons in your balcony, apartments, buildings, or homes.

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