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How To Prevent Your Home From Termites

May 18, 2022     Arif Anwer

Termites create problems for the home as well, How to protect our loved ones home safe from being destroyed by termites. Here are the basic steps to protect the house from being destroyed by termites.

Step 1

Because termites like to live in damp and dark , so always check the house, especially in the area. Damp and dark basement area under the stairs, floors, walls, ceilings, crown moldings along the walls of the buried drain. Wood paneled walls, two layers invariably.

Step 2

Should collect scrap building materials such as wood waste sewage are dumped or destroyed while prevents termites and after construction.

Step 3

If they detect termite mound or the passage of a new effort . For the termites to the point. Destroyed and spray, Available kill termites leave them for a day or two injections, And check again If you have to dig Then injected into the soil.

Step 4

Mixed into the concrete before pouring liquid termite folk.

Step 5

Choosing wood to build homes. Choose wood Resistant to attack by termites, such as teak, rosewood and wood steps on red wood.

Currently a hardwood forest growing around age 10 years, termites can eat, but if using softwood like pine wood, rubber bath solution should prevent it.

Step 6

Trees should not be planted near the house. Because root as a way to control access to home and dead trees should be eliminated.

Step 7

Try to prevent the moths from flying into the house, such as doors and windows closed before dusk off the roof and ventilation slits, etc. It is an insect reproductive termites.

When they find a nest moths are usually during May of smoke. The June And from November to December, if then swept into the water spray injection combined with insecticide. Or turn off all the lights in the house. Until you are sure that no moths again.

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